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No need to wait for a line haul truck or common carrier airline schedule to move your freight.  All sizes of private chartered aircraft and their crews are standing by to fly your Red Hot Cargo to it's destination!

Thousands of Airports

There are thousands of large and small airports all over North America and the world.  Often they're close to where the freight needs to pickup or deliver.  Larger airports may have customs and can load a jumbo jet, while small airports can get smaller freight moving fast.  Red Hot Cargo can help you choose the best airport to fly in a private cargo plane for your needs.

What's Your Need For Speed?

Baby Manatees Rescued

Two orphaned baby manatees were rescued after a hurricane in Caracas, Venezuela.  They were flown on a private cargo plane to Dallas, Texas to be cared for in the Dallas World Aquarium.

Government Arms & Munitions

Munitions and armament are flown to aid international governments.


Time sensitive, life saving radio-pharmaceutical nuclear medicine must be flown on private cargo planes for cancer patients in hospitals around the country.

Oil & Gas Rescue Parts

Urgent parts are flown on private chartered aircraft when oil and gas production is in jeopardy.

Automotive Manufacturer Line Down

Bad parts can shut down an automotive manufacturer assembly line costing them millions of dollars per day.  Replacement parts flown in on an air charter on a private cargo plane  to save the day thousands of times a year!

Flowers For Our Sweethearts

To ensure freshness, B-747 Jumbo Jets full of flowers fly tons of flowers from South America to the United States just in time for Valentines and Mother's Day.

Priceless Art

Priceless art and new gallery openings use a private cargo plane to fly securely and discreetly around the world.


To help prevent escape, violent felons are flown on private aircraft when government aircraft are unavailable. 

Cash to International Banks

The Federal Reserve will send millions in cash on a private cargo plane to international banks.

Disaster Relief

Humanitarian aid including water, generators, tents, food and more are sent all over the world to expedite disaster relief.

Over-sized & Fragile Supercomputers

Large aircraft are needed to fly over-sized main frame supercomputers to customers of the biggest names in computing.

Trained Dolphins

Playful dolphins trained to swim with people are flown on private aircraft from Tokyo, Japan to Cancun, Mexico.

Lifesaving Donor Organs

Time critical lifesaving donor organs are flown using a private cargo plane to patients in hospitals across the country.

FedEx Not Fast Enough? You May Need A Private Cargo Plane!

Private Hot Shot Cargo Aircraft Nationwide

Aircraft and crew standing by 24/7 365 days a year.  Yes, we've launched multiple aircraft on Christmas day!

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On September 11, 2001 when all aircraft across the United States were grounded after the World Trade Towers were attacked, one private cargo plane was  launched.  Coordinated directly through the North American Aerospace Defense Command (NORAD) and shepherded by a fighter jet a privately chartered freighter aircraft carried heart defibrillators across the country from Seattle to New York City.

What's Your Need For Speed?

You name it . . . Red Hot Cargo staff have coordinated thousands of flights using a private cargo plane to fly everything from violent prisoners to hand grenades, trained dolphins to performing geese, baby shrimp to baby manatees, millions in Federal Reserve cash to returned checks for the largest banks, radioactive medicine to human remains, a giant over-sized engine for a stranded cruise ship to multiple B-747 loads of toys and gifts, and much more.

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